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Every people end up with scrap or useless cars one day, no matter how luxurious it is. Right? But Having an unwanted car in the backyard can be a blessing in disguise. Car Cashiers is supposed to provide Instant Top Cash for all conditions of the vehicle in Perth.

Whether you have rusted bodies, used, abandoned, wrecked, or accidentally damaged, we offer free old car removals in all suburbs of Perth. Unwanted Car Removals has become a piece of cake with us & we have satisfied millions of people so far.

Reasons to remove your old car

  • Reduce your liability
  • Reduce taxation
  • Reduce road maintenance
  • Reduce time spent for rental
  • Improve your visibility for insurance,
  • Take advantage of Tax Deduction Scheme,
  • Maintain Brand Image of the property
  • Deal with illegal scrap drivers & give them to the police.

This is the most effective alternative to get out of this huge problem which has been troubling many in the past.

If you have any inquiry then please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are devoted to the customer satisfaction so we make sure that the car is removed within no time as well as the things from the car is disposed of in the best way possible.

getting rid of junk cars

Getting rid of junk cars

  • Owning a junk car, it might be hard to convince people that you can also live a normal life without them.
  • No worries! With Car Cashiers – one-stop repair shop – you can easily sell your junk car without being a minor.
  • Whether you have a fuel-guzzling off-brand motor that doesn’t need much maintaining, or just an old car that is not needed anymore, we offer free car removals to Perth.
  • You can sell your unwanted junk car with peace of mind, all thanks to Car Cashiers.
  • Don’t wait for years to sell it
  • It’s not easy to sell a wrecked car, no matter how tempting it is to buy it. Especially in Western Australia, a state that has so many car auctions and collectible sales.

Free old car removals in Perth

You just need to sign up with us to get started & get your car removed within 24 hours. We remove all cars of cars in all condition in Perth. We offer free car removals from scrap to junk. We can offer you gold in your driveway.

You don’t need to buy it! You don’t need to go shopping! All you need is to call Car Cashiers or visit our website to have free old car removals. Need to find somewhere convenient & safe to park your car for you to be removed? Call us & we will remove it safely from your driveway.

We do use professional equipment. We have an enviable reputation because of these reasons. We have lots of satisfied customers. We are the best Car Removals in Perth at the moment.

Please note that we can not take your car at the airport.

scrap or useless cars

Car Cashiers

At Car Cashiers, we understand that people in Perth often struggle with a typical bunch of problems such as, “My Car is irreparably damaged & a potential fire hazard”. To help you, we deliver the best Car Removal Service in Cannington in Perth. We clean and scrap your cars so you don’t have to do any of the hard work. In addition, if you want to have an easy and simple car removal in Perth, we are here to do the job for you. The best Car Removal Service in Cannington in Perth in Perth.

Tell Us About your Vehicle

When we have something in our minds, we come here for the job. If you need your car removed right away, get in touch with us. You can get your car removed with no strings attached, no hassle & no appointment required.


If you’re in Perth, you can trust this company to handle your car removal services. We are the service provider offering free cleaning services and quick to remove car storage fees.

Are you one of those people who require car cleaning services for your vehicles? Then, are you willing to give top priority to car removal services?

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