Auto Wreckers in Cannington – Turn Your Old Vehicle Into Cash!

WA Wreckers simplifies selling your old cars for you. With us by your side getting cash for old cars is easy and fast. It doesn’t matter what the brand is or the make is or the condition of the vehicle is. We are here and all our salvage yards are going to buy all kinds of used cars (old or relatively new), buses or trucks or SUVs.

With our reputation comes with a promise of cash for old cars that is unmoved and unchallenged in terms of surety and value. All you have to do is fill up an online form detailing the description of your vehicle and submit it. Our experts will get back to you with a quote in no time!

WA Wreckers – The best Australian Auto Wreckers

We are proud to have accumulated an unrivalled track record in the field of commercial vehicles in the Western Australian car wrecking industry. For over 30 years now we have been proud to offer cost effective solutions to all car sellers who are looking for value for money in the business of selling their cars.

At our Cannington used car yard there are numerous and many possibilities for you to buy or sell your car and earn some money. We offer to buy any vehicle for any price. With us you get to work and enjoy a business that is not dominated by debt. So the best thing about our Cannington Auto Wreckers is that we will give you a list of vehicles to choose from.

sell the car privately

What is a salvage yard?

A salvage yard is a place where wrecked vehicles are sorted out and sold. They are commonly used by the emergency services or insurance companies to collect and tow away cars that need to be scrapped to maintain the general condition of the road.

How to choose a junk yard

  • Are you planning to scrap the car yourself?
  • Are you planning to sell the car privately?
  • Are you planning to auction the car?
  • Do you want to collect cash for the car?

How to start salvaging cars!

Taking your car to a junkyard, is an act that usually deserves no celebration and rightfully so, we advise you to have a heart and keep it at home. However, this option is difficult in today’s era, it is better to get an auto wrecker to start taking care of your car.

How does it work?

We start off by looking at your vehicle’s service history. How often has it been serviced and what condition it is in? This is our way of deciding whether it is in good enough condition to sell, is it worth repairing, or is it still worth selling? After looking at the information, our team makes sure it is still worth selling.

Then we check if you have a clean title. And we also check if the vehicle is a decent quality one or not. If so, we go ahead and look into how much it would be to fix the vehicle. If it is damaged beyond repair we will not bother to fix it any more. In that case we will offer cash for it, irrespective of whether it is a new or old vehicle.

After that we look into the general condition of the vehicle.

Sell your car at the right price

A listing of your car in our classifieds will be posted online, quickly, safely and securely, not depending on the bidders imagination. The easy part is registering and subscribing for our classifieds. The hard part is to find a car for sale that has all the parts you need, and not be in the loop of that your car has been scrapped.

Receive cash for your cars!

We don’t just buy and sell cars, we also buy and sell people. With us you can make all the money you need, in exchange for your car that needs a new owner and new life. We don’t do long-term leases, we do short-term ones that you can trade in after a short period of time.

Coming from gold country, I can testify that people sometimes leave their old cars out in front of their house for the junkers to take advantage of.

scrap the car

Why choose us as your auto wreckers?

Having been in the business for a long time we know that there are a lot of unnecessary hassle and the assumption of ‘useless’ vehicles, garages that are ‘owned’ by someone else and other assumptions that are generally placed on automobiles and autos. So our mission at WA Wreckers is to dispel all such fears and misconceptions associated with these vehicles. We ensure that you get a fair value for your car and remove it from the clutter of such errors.

We provide the best service to both the buyer and seller and we are confident that you will be happy with the service we provide. Also, we are well aware of the stress related to getting used cars repaired in a timely manner and hence we charge quite a lot less for this.


The original emphasis of this topic was to give you a short summary of what Wreckers is and some information you may not have known about Wreckers.

Make no mistake about it, West Wholesale in Cannington offer the best salvage yards in Western Australia and should be your top choice when it comes to buying a wrecked car or an old vehicle.

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